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Chinese group orders 30 EMS helicopters from Leonardo
Chinese group orders 30 EMS helicopters from Leonardo
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Chinese group orders 30 EMS helicopters from Leonardo

Leonardo-Finmeccanica and Chinese company Sino-US Intercontinental Helicopter Investment have signed a contract for 30 helicopters in EMS (Emergency Medical Service) configuration comprising the AgustaWestland AW139 intermediate and AW169 light intermediate twin engine models. The contract was signed on 14th December.

The aircraft are expected to be delivered in 2017 and will be operated by Kingwing General Aviation, the parent company of Sino-US. 

Leonardo has sold more than 180 helicopters to Chinese customers to date, and has deliverd more than 20 helicopters to China this year.

This latest order follows a contract signed by Sino-US earlier this year for 25 AW119Kx helicopters, paving the path for the establishment of the largest EMS helicopter programme nationwide in China.

Sino-US Intercontinental has so far placed orders for over 80 helicopters comprising AW119Kx, GrandNew, AW169, AW139 and AW189 models. The fleet is reinforced by a growing customer support presence, including a new warehouse facility recently opened in Shanghai. 

Shanghai Kingwing General Aviation Co., Ltd (SKGA) is a CAAC (Civil Aviation Administration of China)-certified Class-A General Aviation company. Established in 2006, SKGA has now become one of China’s leading general aviation companies, operating the country’s largest helicopter fleet. It is gradually expanding EMS operations across the nation. So far, SKGA has fielded 11 EMS helicopters including nine EMS configured AW119Kx, one GrandNew and one AW139.

Sino-US Intercontinental (Sino-US Intercontinental Helicopter Investment Co. Ltd) is part of Shanghai Zenisun Investment Group, a large conglomerate corporation which focuses on real estate and general aviation. The company has been undertaking helicopter sales and operations in China since 2006.

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