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China’s HNA orders multiple full flight simulators
China’s HNA orders multiple full flight simulators
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China’s HNA orders multiple full flight simulators

L3 Technologies has been awarded a contract valued at more than $115 million by HNA Group’s Hainan Sky Plumage Flight Training Co., Ltd to provide 11 full flight simulators and auxiliary training equipment over the next 18 months. 

The HNA conglomerate is the parent company of Hainan Airlines and multiple other carriers in China and elsewhere. In addition to aviation, HNA’s activities range from shipbuilding to tourism and real estate.

This new contract award follows the successful delivery of three RealitySeven Airbus A320 full flight simulators and one RealitySeven Boeing 787 full flight simulator to be delivered in the second quarter of 2017 to HNA Group. 

Under the contract, L3 Commercial Training Solutions (L3 CTS) will deliver RealitySeven full flight simulators for a range of aircraft types, including five Airbus A320s, two Airbus A330s, two Boeing 737 NGs and one Boeing 737 MAX. The simulators will be installed at the recently opened Hainan Sky Plumage Training Center in Haikou, starting in early 2017. 

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