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China breakthrough for Alsim
China breakthrough for Alsim
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China breakthrough for Alsim

French flight training specialist Alsim has sold its first AL42 FNPT II in China to AXAviation and has launched a partnership with the company.

French flight training specialist Alsim has announced the sale of its first AL42 FNPT II simulator in China to AXAviation, located at Wuhu Aviation Industrial Park, Anhui Province. This AL42 VI simulates the Diamond DA42 -VI with the Austro engine and a GFC 700 digital autopilot and will be level 5 certified.

The two companies have also signed a partnership for the distribution of Alsim AL42 flight simulators in China. Alsim says that expanding its presence in China is one of its main targets for 2018.

Anhui AXAviation Tech. Co., Ltd. was established in April 2016 as a private limited company specialising in flight simulators for both international and domestic airlines. The company’s research & development centre is also located at Wuhu aviation industrial park, Anhui province.

The company joined the Anhui General Aviation Association in January 2017 and became a member of its council. The company is registered with a capital liability of 21 million RMB. The core business is in the R&D, design, manufacture, assembly, sales, maintenance and technical services of flight simulators.

AXAviation also focuses on supporting scientific research enterprises at the Wuhu Aviation Industrial Park.

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