Cessna delivers its 400th Citation CJ4 Gen2
Cessna delivers its 400th Citation CJ4 Gen2
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Cessna delivers its 400th Citation CJ4 Gen2

Cessna celebrated the April 23, 2023, delivery of the 400th example of the Citation CJ4 gen2 business jet, which carries 10 passengers. Launched in 2010, the CJ4 received a new version in 2021 with a significantly redesigned cabin on the Gen2 version.

400th Citation CJ4

Textron Aviation announced on April 25, 2023, the delivery of its 400th Citation CJ4 Series aircraft to Koch Holdings of Easton, Pa. This milestone delivery for the Cessna Citation CJ4 Series is the continuation of a story that began in 2010, when the aircraft was introduced to the market. Built at 320 units, the CJ4 sees the Gen2 version launched in February 2021, with the majority of the changes between the two versions in the cabin. The latter adopts a cabin management system on the Gen2, which allows control of light or temperature on board, USB ports on the passenger seats and finally, being the largest Citation in the light jet segment, an enlarged lavatory in the rear area, with Dassault Aviation-style skylight option. 

Certified single-pilot

Certified single-pilot, the CJ4 Gen2 can accommodate up to ten passengers and offers a range of more than 3,500 km (exactly 4,010 km) at more than 450 knots ( or just over 833 km/h). The engine is provided by two Williams FJ44-4A turbojet engines. The CJ4 Gen2 is also used for a wide range of missions, including air ambulance, maritime patrol, search and rescue, and aerial surveys.


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