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Cebu Pacific gets ATR freighters
Cebu Pacific gets ATR freighters
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Cebu Pacific gets ATR freighters

One of two ATR 72-500 aircraft converted from passenger to cargo use was delivered to Cebu Pacific.

The Philippine low-cost airline Cebu Pacific Air just took delivery of a first ATR 72-500 freigter. The aircraft has been converted from passenger to cargo use. The acquisition of a ATR 72-500 freighter should enables Cebu Pacific to reach airports with short runways only turboprop are able to serve. The freighter is the first of its type in the Philippines. The conversion was performed at the Sabena Technics DNR S.A.S. MRO facility in Dinard, France. Sabena Technics was assisted by the Swiss company IPR Conversions — a subsidiary of the ACIA Aero Capital group — as the conversion involved additional certifications. The brand new ATR 72-500 is now equipped with a Large Cargo Door (LCD), allowing a load of up to seven Ld3 air cargo containers, or five PBJ pallets. The freighter has capacity to carry as much as eight tons of cargo.

A second ATR 72-500 freighter is expected to be delivered in late-2019. The two cargo aircraft will be operated by Cebu Pacific’s inter-island operator subsidiary Cebgo.


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