Burkina Faso selects Airbus C295
Burkina Faso selects Airbus C295
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Burkina Faso selects Airbus C295

December was a successful month for the C295. Alongside Ireland and the Czech Republic, Burkina Faso also selected the Airbus aircraft.

On December 11, Airbus announced the Ministry of Defence of Burkina Faso placed a firm order for a C295 military airlifter. This order is part of the country's 2018-2022 Military Acquisition Law, specifies Airbus. Indeed, the acquisition aims at strengthening Burkina Faso’s military transport capabilities. “Together with its affordable maintenance and operational costs, the C295 is the perfect match for the climatic conditions of Burkina Faso”, reports the manufacturer.

Burkina Faso therefore joins the family of Airbus C295 operators, which further grew last month and is well established in Africa. Indeed, the tactical airlifter is already operated by Algeria, Egypt, Ghana, Mali and Ivory Coast. 36 C295 aircraft are currently operated across the African continent.

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