Brazilian Gripen E maiden flight
Brazilian Gripen E maiden flight
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Brazilian Gripen E maiden flight

The first Brazilian Gripen E performed its first flight.

On August 26, the first Brazilian Gripen E flew for the first time. This maiden flight, of 65 minutes, was carried out by the test pilot Richard Ljunberg. The Gripen E 39-6001 could thus be operated to check several capabilities and test the aircraft at different altitudes and speeds. From now on, the 39-6001 will mainly be operated to run some tests, especially on its sensors and embedded systems.

This maiden flight took place less than five years after the signature of the contract, reminded Hakan Buske, CEO of Saab. In October 2014, Brazil awarded the Swedish manufacturer a contract worth $6.03 billion, including twenty-eight Gripen E and eight Gripen F. The delivery of 36 aircraft should be spread within the period 2019-2024.

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