Boeing: Dennis Muilenburg strengthens the company’s product and services safety
Boeing: Dennis Muilenburg strengthens the company’s product and services safety
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Boeing: Dennis Muilenburg strengthens the company’s product and services safety

Boeing Chairman, President and CEO Dennis Muilenburg announces changes regarding the safety of the company’s product and services. He will implement and complete the recommendations contained in the independent review issued by Boeing board of directors.

Since the two accidents of Lion Air and Ethiopian Airlines, Boeing is facing many consequences and aftershocks that undermine the reputation of the aircraft manufacturer. And by ricochet effect, that of the FAA but also and especially the process of certification and consequently the safety of the aircraft leaving the production line of Renton, Washington.

That's why Dennis Muilenburg, Boeing CEO, has stepped up to reassure and announce the intensified commitment of the company “to continuously improve the safety of Boeing products and services”. These actions follow recent recommendations from the Boeing Board of Directors that were the result of a five-month independent review of the company's policies and processes for the design and development of its aircraft.

This review has been carried out by a specially appointed committee, initiated by Muilenburg following the Lion Air Flight 610 and Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 737 MAX accidents. Recommendations from the Committee on Airplane Policies and Processes — supported by extensive outreach to internal and external experts — focused on further improving safety throughout the company and the broader aerospace ecosystem.

In addition to the previously announced permanent Aerospace Safety Committee of the Boeing Board of Directors, Muilenburg shared that Boeing is standing up a new Product and Services Safety organization that will further strengthen the company's safety-first focus. This organization will unify safety-related responsibilities currently managed by teams across several Boeing business and operating units.

The team will be led by Vice President of Product and Services Safety Beth Pasztor, who will report jointly to the Boeing Board of Directors Aerospace Safety Committee and Greg Hyslop, Boeing chief engineer and senior vice president of Engineering, Test & Technology. The organization will bring together teams across Boeing — and external talent where needed — to elevate awareness and reporting of, and accountability for, safety issues within the company, further improving enterprise-wide product and services safety .

The organization Products and Services Safety is responsible for reviewing all aspects of product safety, including investigating cases of undue pressure and anonymous product and service safety concerns raised by employees.

Pasztor also will oversee the company's Accident Investigation Team and safety review boards, in addition to the enterprise Organization Designation Authorization — the company's engineering and technical experts who represent the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in airplane certification activities.

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