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Boeing: Asia-Pacific needs 500,000 pilots, technicians
Boeing: Asia-Pacific needs 500,000 pilots, technicians
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Boeing: Asia-Pacific needs 500,000 pilots, technicians

Boeing has unveiled its 2016 Boeing Pilot & Technician Outlook for the Asia-Pacific region, projecting that more than 500,000 new pilots and technicians will be needed to support the expanding demand for new aircraft deliveries over the next two decades.

The outlook anticipates the need for 248,000 new commercial airline pilots and 268,000 new technicians through 2035.

Leading the region in projected demand for new pilots and technicians:

• China – 111,000 pilots; 119,000 technicians

• Southeast Asia – 62,000 pilots; 67,000 technicians

Other parts of the region will also continue to see long-term demand in the tens of thousands of pilots and technicians:

• South Asia – 41,000 pilots; 39,000 technicians

• Northeast Asia – 21,000 pilots; 26,000 technicians

• Oceania region – 13,000 pilots; 17,000 technicians

The Boeing Pilot & Technician Outlook is closely tied to projections for new airplane deliveries around the globe. The demand for new pilots is primarily driven by new airplane deliveries and fleet mix, while new technician demand is primarily driven by fleet growth.

As with personnel demand, the Asia-Pacific region also leads the demand for new commercial airplane deliveries over the next 20 years. The region comprises 40% of the global need due to fleet growth in the single-aisle market, driven by low-cost carriers. Boeing predicts that 15,130 new airplanes, valued at $2.35tr, will be needed in the Asia-Pacific region by 2035.

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