Boeing 787-10 assembly under way in Japan
Boeing 787-10 assembly under way in Japan
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Boeing 787-10 assembly under way in Japan

Assembly of the first major components for the Boeing 787-10 is underway, the latest milestone in the development of the newest and largest member of the 787 family. Boeing partner Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. began installing the circular frames into the midforward section of the fuselage on 14th March, two weeks ahead of schedule.

The Japanese group is responsible for the development and production of the fore section of the fuselage, the main landing gear well and the fixed section of the wing trailing edge.

The 787-10 is a straightforward stretch of the 787-9, which entered service in 2014. 95% of the design and build of the 787-10 and 787-9 will be identical.

The 787-10 will undergo final assembly at Boeing South Carolina in North Charleston, with deliveries scheduled to begin in 2018. Boeing claims the 787-10 will deliver 25% better fuel use and emissions than the airplanes it will replace.

To date, the 787-10 has won 153 orders from nine customers, accounting for 13% of all 787 orders.

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