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| Alexandre Rocchi

Boeing 737 MAX: The FAA takes full control of certification

Boeing lost its authorization to certify 737 MAX twin-jets for the flight as a result of an FAA decision to prohibit the manufacturer from issuing its own certificates of airworthiness.

The U.S. Civil Aviation Authority (FAA) has stated that it will reserve the power to issue certificates until Boeing has established quality control and verification processes that are fully functional. In the past, the FAA shared with Boeing the responsibility of issuing certification prior to delivery.

The U.S. agency informed Boeing the FAA will retain authority over issuing certificates of airworthiness for all newly manufactured 737 MAX aircraft. The issuance of the certificate represents the final action of the FAA confirming the airworthiness of each newly manufactured aircraft. The maintenance of authority by the FAA does not affect the MAX jets already certified until the grounding occurred in March 2019. However, the operators of these aircraft must comply with all the changes required by an airworthiness directive of the FAA that the agency will issue as part of its requirements for the return to service of the model.

The Seattle aircraft manufacturer already said it expects to receive approval for the 737 MAX flight resumption by the end of this year. But the FAA said it had not completed its review of Boeing's design changes and proposals for pilot training. “The FAA will take all the time it needs”, the agency said.

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