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Boeing 737 MAX: China is taking its time
Boeing 737 MAX: China is taking its time
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Boeing 737 MAX: China is taking its time

China is still not ready to give the go-ahead for the return in flight of the Boeing 737 MAX, an aircraft that still raises "major concerns".

Major Concerns about the Boeing 737 MAX

The CAAC, China's civil aviation authority, is still not ready to lift the flight ban on the Boeing 737 MAX. The Boeing 737 MAX is now authorized to fly in North America, Brazil, Europe and the United Arab Emirates. Australia and Saudi Arabia have now given the green light. But in China, the Boeing 737 MAX is still a "major concern," as the deputy director of the CAAC put it.

Awaiting final investigation reports


For the latter, three main criteria must be considered before allowing the Boeing 737 MAX to fly again. First, the validation of the design modifications introduced by Boeing, then the training of airline pilots who must integrate the consequences of these modifications, and finally the final conclusions of the final accident reports produced by the Indonesian and Ethiopian authorities. For the time being, only the preliminary investigation reports have been published. Ethiopia plans to publish its final report on the March 2019 accident around March 10.

25 Boeing 737 MAX for United Airlines

Across the Pacific and anticipating the return of traffic to the U.S. domestic market, United Airlines decided to order 25 additional Boeing 737 MAX aircraft and to accelerate deliveries of those already on backlog. The airline also decided to advance deliveries of 40 aircraft to 2022 and five more to 2023.

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