Barkhane: 3D in action
Barkhane: 3D in action

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Barkhane: 3D in action

While on October 30 the UAV and Mirage 2000 had already been engaged in a confrontation with armed terrorist groups, a new operation was conducted on November 6 with support from 3D.

UAV Reaper.

The Army General Staff reported details of a new operation conducted on November 6 in Mali, aimed at neutralizing a dozen terrorists belonging to the terrorist armed group (GAT) RVIM (Congregation for the Victory of Islam and Muslims). In the afternoon, a Reaper on a surveillance mission headed to In Tillit, a town 90 km south of Gao, to conduct a reconnaissance and "characterize a suspicious gathering," described the EMA.



After analysing the intelligence gathered by the UAV, GATs are identified and an operation is then launched to neutralize them. The Reaper carries out a strike. It will then be supported by Cayman and Tiger helicopters. "Given the scale of the gathering, a Mountain Commando Group is embarked on Cayman and supported by two Tiger attack helicopters on alert were dispatched to the scene. Identifying GATs still hidden on the spot, the Tiger began the engagement and the commandos were put on the ground in order to sweep the strike zone," said the EMA.



Following these clashes, the Barkhane force was able to seize and proceed with the destruction of weapons, means of communication and motorcycles - about twenty of them - belonging to the GATs. Two terrorists were taken prisoner.

In addition, the General Staff of the Armed Forces announces that the aircraft participating in Operation Barkhane have conducted during the past week 29 ISR sorties, 26 fighter sorties and 45 sorties dedicated to refueling or transport operations.

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