Attack on Saudi Arabia
Attack on Saudi Arabia
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Attack on Saudi Arabia

Drones or missiles? Anyway, Saudi Arabia appears to be affected by the attack that took place on the oil site of Saudi Aramco, on September 14.

Two Saudi oil sites have been attacked on September 14 with “projectiles” announces Saudi Aramco. If many reports a drone attack, it is also possible missiles were used against the Abqaiq and Khurais plants. The origin of the attack remains unknown. Indeed, despite the claim of Houthi rebels present in Yemen, some people think of an Iranian action.

Iran for its part denies any involvement while several Houthi rebels continue to provoc verbally Saudi Arabia, greeting the action conducted against Saudi Aramco’s facilities. If it is confirmed the Houthi originated the attack, this would not be the first time the Saudi territory would have been targeted.

Nevertheless, the issue of the protection of the industrial infrastructure remains, when the Saudi kingdom keeps massively investing in defense and is engaged in Yemen. What about the air-to-surface defense in Saudi Arabia for the safety of strategical sites?

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