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ATR stages order comeback in 2017
ATR stages order comeback in 2017

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ATR stages order comeback in 2017

ATR reported a total of 113 firm orders in 2017 — a threefold increase from the previous year — and delivered 80 aircraft.

ATR reported a total of 113 firm orders in 2017 — all for ATR 72-600s in passenger and cargo versions, representing a value of around $3bn. The total constitutes a threefold increase from the 36 orders logged in 2016.

The year was dominated by big orders from IndiGo (50 aircraft), FedEx (30) and Iran Air (20), which accounted for all but 13 of the aircraft sold during the year. The year-end order book represents around three years of production.

A total of 80 aircraft were delivered: 70 new-build ATR 72-600s, eight new-build ATR 42-600s and two pre-owned aircraft. The delivery total is unchanged from 2016.

The company reported sales of $1.8bn, including $300m from maintenance and training activities. 300 ATR aircraft — out of a total fleet of 1100 — are now covered by the comprehensive total care support Global Maintenance Agreement (GMA).

The primary target markets going forward are India, China and the U.S. The company is hopeful that other Indian carriers could follow the example of IndiGo. ATR sees a demand for around 300 turboprops per year in China. CEO Christian Scherer says that discussions between AESA and the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) on certification of the ATR 72-600 are moving forward and will hopefully be concluded in the coming months.

Ambitions in the U.S. market received a boost with the recent agreement between ATR and lessor Nordic Aviation Capital (NAC) for 15 ATR -600s — 12 ATR 42-600s and three ATR 72-600s. These aircraft, along with five from an earlier order, will be leased to Silver Airways, which will become the first operator of ATR -600 series aircraft in the U.S.

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