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ATR launches the STOL variant of the ATR 42-600
ATR launches the STOL variant of the ATR 42-600

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ATR launches the STOL variant of the ATR 42-600

ATR launches the short take-off and landing version of its ATR 42-600 with 20 commitments from operators and lessors recorded. The certification is expected for 2022 second semester with following fist delivery.

The ATR 42-600S is launched. ATR Board of Directors has officially given the green light to the version “S” for STOL (Short Take-Off and Landing). A series of modifications will enable the ATR 42-600S to take-off and land on runways as short as 800 meters with up to 42 passengers on board. The launch is supported by 20 commitments recorded from operators and lessors, including Elix Aviation Capital and Air Tahiti. The ATR 42-600S widen the Franco-Italian manufacturer portfolio composed of a cargo version, ATR 72-600, and both ATR 42/72-600. Certification is expected for the second half of 2022, with first delivery immediately after.

“The major modifications of the 42-600S will include the introduction of a larger rudder, which will enable increased control of the aircraft at low speeds. The new variant will continue to use the same engine as the ATR 42 and 72. However, the ATR 42-600S will allow pilots to choose between the power of the ATR 42 and that of the 72, so that the aircraft can use increased power to execute STOL operations, or operate more efficiently with less power on longer runways. The ATR 42-600S will also be able to deploy its spoilers symmetrically to improve landing braking efficiency. It will also be equipped with an automatic braking system that will ensure full braking power upon landing”, specifies ATR. The manufacturer “forecasts to expand its addressable market by 25%, targeting new routes as well as the 30 seats STOL aircraft segment filled by the Saab 340. Close to 500 airports across the globe have a runway comprised between 800-1,000m and could welcome the ATR 42-600S.”

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