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At Lufthansa and Swiss, you can “buy” sustainable fuel
At Lufthansa and Swiss, you can “buy” sustainable fuel
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At Lufthansa and Swiss, you can “buy” sustainable fuel

Lufthansa and Swiss customers can now “buy” neutral climate fuels when booking their flights. Following this first step, additional airlines could implement this concept, such as Air France-KLM.

Lufthansa and SWISS customers can “buy” climate-neutral fuels when booking their flights through the “Compensaid” platform set up by Lufthansa Group. The airline passengers can thus “reduce up to 80 percent of their CO2 emissions using Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF)”, underscores Lufthansa who adds: “This is the first online platform of its kind to provide end customers with a transparent, quick and effective way to offset their CO2 consumption when flying using CO2 neutral fuels”. 

The platform calculates the price difference between sustainable aviation fuel and fossil kerosene. Customers pay only the surcharge for the innovative fuel. E.g. by adding to the tariff 20 euros, the passenger booking a flight between Paris/Orly and Munich can compensate for his flight with 19.19 liters of SAF. (https://www.lufthansa.com/us/en/offset-flight).

A system that Air France-KLM could eventually add to its various services for offsetting CO2 emissions, especially since KLM is participating in the creation of a sustainable fuel plant based on used oils. Not forgetting that Air France plans to supply its flights from San Francisco from next June with also sustainable fuel produced by World Energy and supplied by Shell. A fuel produced from residues of inedible oils.

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