Asian demo tour for H145
Asian demo tour for H145
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Asian demo tour for H145

Airbus Helicopters’ H145 is returning to Asia to showcase its performance and capabilities through a series of demo flights in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Taiwan. The first H145 demo tour was held in Southeast Asia in 2013, covering Malaysia and Thailand. Since then, the company says there has been increasing interest in the H145, especially in the emergency medical services (EMS) and commercial/business aviation segments. 

The tour will be divided into two legs. From 23rd - 30th March, the H145 will visit Malaysia and Thailand once again. The second leg will start in May, covering Indonesia, eastern Malaysia and Taiwan for the first time.

Current and potential customers will have an opportunity to get familiar with the latest member of the 4t-class H145 family, which can accommodate up to eight passengers, or 10 in special operations configuration.

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