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Asia-Pacific: all E-Jet operators enrolls in Embraer’s Pool Program © Embraer

| Alexandre Rocchi

Asia-Pacific: all E-Jet operators enrolls in Embraer’s Pool Program

During MRO Europe 2019 event, Myanmar National Airlines signed Pool Program deal for E190 aircraft with Embraer, thus completing the list of E-Jet Asia-Pacific operators enrolled in Embraer’s TechCare program.

During the 2019 edition of the MRO Europe conference, Myanmar National Airlines signed a Pool Program deal for its Embraer E190 aircraft fleet with Embraer. With the signature of this agreement, all six E-Jet airlines, based in four countries of Asia-Pacific — excluding China — have enrolled in Embraer’s Pool Program.

Sixty aircraft are thus covered by the program in this region. Whilst Myanmar National Airlines has only two second-hand E190 aircraft, the Japanese operator Japan Airlines has fourteen E170s and eighteen E190s, followed by Fuji Dream Airlines with fourteen E170/175s. Then Australian airlines Airnorth and Cobham Aviation Services have five E170s and one E190, respectively. Finally, the Taiwan-based operator Mandarin Airlines has six E190 aircraft.

As part of Embraer’s TechCare products, the Pool Program offers “full repair coverage for components and parts, airframe maintenance, and unlimited access to a large stock of components at the company’s distribution centers.” Singapore is the base for Embraer’s warehouse in the Asia-Pacific region.

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