Ariane 6's "Good for Flight" first stage engine
Ariane 6's "Good for Flight" first stage engine
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Ariane 6's "Good for Flight" first stage engine

A new major step was taken on July 21 in the development of the future European launcher.

While waiting for the combined tests in Kourou

The Vulcain 2.1 engine for the Ariane 6's first flight has successfully passed its acceptance test, carried out on July 21 at ArianeGroup's site in Vernon, Eure.

The objective of this final Norman test was to carry out a series of measurements, intended to characterize the atmosphere and to predict the levels that will be observed on the launch pad of the Guyanese Space Center in Kourou, in particular during the combined tests, planned next year.


Integration in Mureaux

This test was the last stage in the development of the main stage engine of the future European heavy launcher, after manufacture, assembly and then the various tests necessary before its integration.


This will take place at the Mureaux site in Yvelines.

The video recording of the test is visible on www.ariane.group/fr/actualites/video-chaud-chaud-test-du-moteur-vulcain2-1-destine-au-premier-vol-dariane-6/

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