[April Fools' Day] Elon Musk doesn't just dream of Mars
[April Fools' Day] Elon Musk doesn't just dream of Mars
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[April Fools' Day] Elon Musk doesn't just dream of Mars

The billionaire continues to push the limits of astronautics with his giant Starship. But sometimes, especialy on April 1st, one must be wary of fake news...

An air of Star Trek

Speaking this morning at the opening of the first Space Objectives for Long-term Exploration (SOLE) conference, hosted in Bremen, Germany, by the Exploration & Exploitation League (EEL), Elon Musk once again made a splash : he announced that SpaceX would (also) be working on an uninhabited mission to a planet outside our solar system, launched using the Super Heavy (whose maiden flight continues to slip).

The spacecraft, named Starship Voyager, will be equipped with " advanced technology " allowing it to travel at near-light speeds, and explore unknown worlds.

The mission will last " several years " (the famous " Elon time " that even his CEO Gwynne Shotwell sometimes makes fun of...) and, again according to Elon Musk, will be " definitely " closely followed by " scientists from all over the world "


A scenario imagined by AI

The whimsical businessman is no stranger to contradiction : while he joined hundreds of global experts on March 29 to call for a six-month halt to artificial intelligence research, Elon Musk revealed this morning that the entire Starship Voyager project was generated by... ChatGPT, the already famous (and worrying) prototype of conversational agent using artificial intelligence, developed by OpenAI, whose version 4 was launched in mid-March.

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