Another record year for French aerospace sector
Another record year for French aerospace sector
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Another record year for French aerospace sector

It was another record year for the French aerospace industries association, Gifas, in 2015, but the association’s president, Marwan Lahoud, warned of the risk of complacency. Even though the coming year looks like being another excellent year for exports, Lahoud says companies must not rest on their laurels.

Last year, the French aerospace sector saw sales jump 8.5%, to €58.3bn, while orders were up 2.3%, at more than €78bn. Exports – at €39.4bn (+14%) – represented 83% of consolidated sales. The results confirmed the position of the aerospace industry as the leading contributor to the French balance of trade, with a surplus of €22.2bn.

Nonetheless, Lahoud called on member companies to pursue their internationalization and increase their global footprint. He said it might appear paradoxical, but efforts to develop activities far from the home base serve to reinforce the home base.

Lahoud also underlined the contribution of smaller companies in the supply chain network, which contributed an estimated €20.3bn (+10%) in sales and €15bn in orders.

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