AirMap and CerbAir announced their partnership
AirMap and CerbAir announced their partnership
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AirMap and CerbAir announced their partnership

CerbAir and AirMap will collaborate to develop airspace safety and security solutions.

The companies CerbAir, specialized in counter-UAV systems, and AirMap, which is an expert in unmanned air trafic management, have decided to collaborate to set a complete solution. The aim is to secure air space in low layers to be able to  distinguish collaborative drones from non collaborative aircraft.

With its platform, AirMap can track UAV flights in real-time. Flight authorizations can be delivered through the platform, in order to hasten the procedures and concentrate the whole information within a unique system. Instructions can be transmitted to the pilot of the drone if, for example, the flight becomes too complex and represents a danger.

On the other hand, CerbAir offers a complete solution of CUAV fight, allowing to detect, identify and neutralize malevolent drones. “CerbAir’s DroneWatch technology assures detection and characterization of unregistered drones, and its Direction Finding, Azimuth, and optional Electronic Countermeasure functions enable authorities to identify and immediately address unauthorized UAS and their pilots”, assures the company.

Hence, AirMap and CerbAir have decided to fusion their know-hows to create a complete solution enabling air traffic tracking for all the UAVs present in air space, wether they have already been declared or not. The company adds: “[the collaboration aims] to provide integrated, comprehensive solutions for low-altitude airspace safety and security”. The two partners will focus on the integration of their systems to provide a global solution for real-time UTM systems. “UAS technology will only reach its full potential if low-altitude airspace is safe, secure, and managed. Unlocking the full economic and societal benefits that drones can provide requires management of registered and authorized drone operations as well as detection of unregistered or bad actors”, said AirMap EVP of Global Business Development Larry Berkin.

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