Airbus stays at 768 net sales in 2019
Airbus stays at 768 net sales in 2019
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Airbus stays at 768 net sales in 2019

Spirit Airlines having decided to confirm its 100 Airbus A320neos in 2020, Airbus did not near 900 net sales in 2019 but rather 800 thanks to the A321XLR and the A330neo.

Still was to be determined whether Airbus would near 900 sales in 2019, a few days ago. It was on the condition that Spirit Airlines would confirm its 100 Airbus A321neos before December 31, 2019. The U.S. airline preferred to finalize the contract during the first week of January 2020. Therefore, Airbus finally came close to 800 net sales in 2019 with 768 units to be more precise. On the other hand, one thing has not changed: the European manufacturer managed to do better than in 2018, the year in which it sold net 747 aircraft, despite a higher number of cancellations. 2019 witnessed 363 cancellations whereas there were 84 in 2018. Airbus has indeed terminated the A380 program, hence 70 cancellations, while Etihad Airways has sharply revised its A350-900 needs downward due to restructuring. The Emirates order for 50 A350-900s partially erased these cancellations and the Dubai airline may be responsible for the 40 A330-900s registered on December 23, raising the number of A330neos sold up to 99, a lot better than in 2018. Finally, the launch of the A321XLR during the Paris Air Show also boosted medium-haul as well as overall sales. Net sales of the A320neo family amounted to 654 units, including 476 A321neos — almost all of them being A321XLRs. The latter represent more than 54% of the total net sales made by Airbus last year.

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