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Airbus, SITA team on air transport cybersecurity
Airbus, SITA team on air transport cybersecurity
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Airbus, SITA team on air transport cybersecurity

Airbus and SITA have launched new Security Operations Center Services targeted at the specific needs of the air transport industry. The new incident detection services will provide airlines, airports and other air transport industry stakeholders with information about unusual cyber activity that may impact their businesses.

The two partners indicate that the services have been developed to meet an ever-increasing demand for cybersecurity in this industry. According to a recent SITA airline IT survey, 91% of airlines plan to invest in cybersecurity programmes over the next three years.

By joining forces, SITA and Airbus aim to provide an advanced cybersecurity solution for the air transport industry. Almost every airline and airport in the world is a customer of SITA, while Airbus works with companies, critical national infrastructures, governments and defence organizations to detect, analyze and counter increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks.

Together they will monitor cyber activity relevant to airlines and airports. When requested, the joint Security Operations Center Services will provide appropriate containment and remedial action ensuring that a company’s digital assets are safe from attack.

The joint Airbus and SITA Security Operations Center Service is the first of a new portfolio of cybersecurity products and services being developed by SITA. The portfolio will help airlines and airports identify, detect and react to cyber threats while protecting their company assets from attack.

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