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Airbus, Safran win Crystal Cabin award
Airbus, Safran win Crystal Cabin award
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Airbus, Safran win Crystal Cabin award

The award, announced at Aircraft Exteriors Expo, recognises “passenger experience modules” for installation in aircraft cargo compartments.

Airbus, in cooperation with Safran, has won the 2019 Crystal Cabin Award in the category Cabin Concepts at Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg. The Crystal Cabin awards recognise excellence in eight categories of aircraft interior innovation. The two partners' proposed “Lower Deck Pax Experience Modules” are designed to extend the passenger space into the cargo hold.

The lower-deck modules being developed and marketed by Airbus and Safran offer a variety of flexible passenger solutions in the cargo hold such as beds, stretching, playground or business areas.

The modules, which would fit inside aircraft cargo compartments, aim to offer new opportunities for additional services to passengers, improving their experience while enabling airlines to differentiate and add value for their commercial operations.

The new passenger modules are being designed to be easily interchangeable with regular cargo containers if required, as aircraft cargo floors and cargo loading systems would not be affected — the passenger module would sit directly on the existing systems.

The concept — in partnership with Zodiac Aerospace, now part of Safran — was initially unveiled at last year's edition of Aircraft Interiors Expo.

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