Airbus reaches 542 net sales
Airbus reaches 542 net sales
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Airbus reaches 542 net sales

With the contract awarded by IndiGo, Airbus net sales have increased from 127 to 542 in one month since the beginning of the year. The order backlog will continue to grow with contracts in the line. Airbus is about to score better than in 2018.

Airbus is preparing to finish the year 2019 much better than in 2018 in terms of net sales, despite the fact that more cancellations have been taken into account. Including the order of the Indian airline IndiGo for 300 additional copies of the A320neo family, net sales of Airbus increased from 127 at the end of September to 542 at the end of October. And the year 2019 is not over yet. In terms of contracts projected, Airbus will do much better than 2018 despite the 176 cancellations recorded since the beginning of 2019. Last year, the European manufacturer made 747 net sales after taking into account 84 cancellations.

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