Airbus pushes the A400M in South Korea © Airbus

| Alexandre Rocchi

Airbus pushes the A400M in South Korea

South Korea has expressed a need for a dozen military transport aircraft. Airbus Defense and Space logically pushes the A400M whose capabilities are so strategic.

Thanks to the good feedback from the South Korean Air Force on the three Airbus A330 MRTT multi-role aircraft in service, Airbus Defense and Space is logically seeking to push this advantage in the context of a need expressed by South Korea for a dozen transport aircraft. The tender has not yet been launched but Airbus Defense and Space already offers the A400M, especially as the needs of the South Korean Air Force tend towards an aircraft with strategic capabilities. Something compatible with the operational capabilities of the Airbus A400M. A case to follow.

Airbus Airbus Defence and Space A400M

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