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Airbus Perlan 2 glider prepares for record flight
Airbus Perlan 2 glider prepares for record flight
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Airbus Perlan 2 glider prepares for record flight

Airbus Group CEO Tom Enders joined the all-volunteer Airbus Perlan Mission II team on 9th May in the role of co-pilot on the latest test flight of the Perlan 2 glider, the world’s first engineless aircraft designed to reach the edge of space. The flight was led by the project’s chief pilot Jim Payne at Minden-Tahoe Municipal Airport. 

Enders also received a full briefing on the experimental aircraft’s pressurization and life support systems, which will be critical to mission safety and success when the team attempts to soar at record-breaking altitudes later this year in Argentina. For Enders, Airbus Perlan Mission II is all about "pushing the boundaries of innovation, refining our understanding of our environment and climate change, and inspiring a new generation of aerospace pioneers.”

The Perlan 2 is a pressurized sailplane designed to ride air currents that, in certain mountainous regions near the north and south poles, can reach into the stratosphere. Last September, the Perlan 2 successfully achieved its first flight in Redmond, Oregon.

The Airbus Perlan Mission II team will be relocating its operations to the Patagonia area of Argentina this summer, where conditions will allow the team to begin higher-altitude flights that will ultimately take them as high as 90,000ft (27,432m). Despite having no engine, the glider’s true flight speed at that altitude will be more than 400 mph (644 km/h) and the air density will be less than two percent of what it is at sea level. The crew will breathe pure oxygen provided by a rebreather system, similar to what astronauts use in space.

The aircraft, which has a gross weight of 1,800 pounds and a wing span of 84 feet, was developed by The Perlan Project, a volunteer-run, non-profit endeavour headed by leaders in aerospace and engineering. It is supported by Airbus Group and a group of other sponsors that includes Weather Extreme Ltd., United Technologies and BRS Aerospace.

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