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Airbus brings its A220 in Asia
Airbus brings its A220 in Asia
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Airbus brings its A220 in Asia

From July 29 to August 6, an Airbus A220-300 will perform a demonstration tour in Asia. Six stopovers in a market that stays until now practically off the order book of the single-aisle aircraft.

The demonstration tours are part of Airbus’s DNA. They started with the A300B and therefore continue with the Airbus A220. Propelled by its Pratt & Whitney’s PW1500G engines, a A220-300 started its tour on July 29 toward Asia, and will end it on August 6. After a stopover at Seoul–Incheon International Airport, the Airbus 220 will head to Yangon to get to Hanoi (Vietnam), Bangkok (Thailand) and Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) before heading north to Nagoya (Japan).

The aim is to go looking for potential customers in a market where the Airbus A220 is practically absent excepted for Korean Air which operates ten of them while Air Vanuatu made a firm order for two A220-100 and two A220-300. A tiny portion within an order book counting now 551 units.

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