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Airbus A321XLR: 300 firm sales and 13 customers
Airbus A321XLR: 300 firm sales and 13 customers
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Airbus A321XLR: 300 firm sales and 13 customers

The Airbus A321XLR now has 300 firm sales and 13 customers with orders from VietJet and IndiGo. VietJet signed for 15 copies.

On October 31st, VietJet became the 13th customer of the Airbus A321XLR with a firm order for 20 copies, five of which being a conversion of a previous purchase of Airbus A321neo. VietJet is the 13th customer since IndiGo has clearly expressed its intention of having Airbus A321XLR among the 300 Airbus A320neo family aircraft ordered a few days ago. The A321XLR's order backlog now reaches the symbolic mark of 300 firm sales and even surpasses it. The order of the Vietnamese airline is not a surprise since it had shown interest in the A321LR, especially for the future service to Australia. Maybe the range had then been considered a little short. With an additional 700 NM compared to the A321LR, the A321XLR allows VietJet to consider a more complete service to Australia but also to consider Russia and Moscow in particular. The contract comes with a training component with Airbus Services providing two flight simulators as well as instructors to train VietJet pilots.

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