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Airbus A319neo makes first flight
Airbus A319neo makes first flight
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Airbus A319neo makes first flight

The third member of Airbus’ A320 “new engine option” (neo) Family, the A319neo, performed its maiden flight on 31st March. After taking off from Hamburg-Finkenwerder Airport in Germany, the aircraft touched down five hours later at Airbus’ Toulouse, France headquarters location. 

The shortest-fuselage member of the A320neo product line is equipped with CFM International LEAP-1A engines – one of the two powerplants available on the neo jetliners, alongside the Pratt & Whitney PW1100G. 

The A319neo extends the passenger capacity of the neo versions down to 100 seats. Historically, the A319 has accounted for slightly less than 19% of A320 Family orders in the current engine option (ceo) version.

The A319neo’s flight campaign will focus primarily on aircraft handling qualities, autopilot, performance and systems – building on the required engine tests that already have been performed with the A320neo and A321neo versions.

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