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Airbus A220-300: from 127 to 145 seats
Airbus A220-300: from 127 to 145 seats
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Airbus A220-300: from 127 to 145 seats

Egyptair will take delivery of its first Airbus A220-300 in the next few weeks. The airline chose a capacity of 140 seats. The configurations selected by the aircraft’s customers ranges from 127 to 145 seats.

Airbus A220-300’s customers selected cabin configurations with capacity ranging from 120 to 150 seats for the medium-haul aircraft. The less dense layout belongs to Korean Air’s aircraft as it features 127 seats split in two classes: Economy Plus and Economy. On the other hand, the more dense features 145 seats. Two airlines chose this layout. airBaltic’s is configured in a single class while Swiss decided to split its aircraft in two classes (Business and Economy). The other configurations ranges from 130 to 140. JetBlue announces its Airbus A220-300 will feature 140 seats in a single class whereas Delta Air Lines selected a 130 seats tri-class layout. Delta Air Lines is the only airline with a tri-class configuration (Business, Economy Plus, Economy) at the moment. As for the other clients, the capacity varies from 132 seats split in two classes for Air Tanzania, to 137 seats also split in two classes for Air Canada, while Air Vanuatu has selected 133 seats and Egyptair 140.

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