Aeronautics: a growing industry for Europe © Dassault

| Alexandre Rocchi

Aeronautics: a growing industry for Europe

An ASD Communication study shows the crucial place of the aeronautical and defense industry in Europe.

The aeronautical and defense industries are proving to be economically promising for Europe, reports ASD Communication. In 2018, these two sectors (civil and military) achieved a turnover of €246 billion, up 3.5% compared to 2017. Exports are particularly profitable for this industry, representing €145 billion in 2018. A major figure for the European trade balance that would especially be the result of R&D policies carried out by companies in the industry. A strategy allowing European aeronautical manufacturers to innovate and be at the cutting edge of technology, thus retaining customers and attracting new ones. However, these data are not limited to the pure economy and income. The aeronautical and defense industry is also buoyant in terms of employment, with 870,000 people working in this field in 2018 (compared to 865,000 in 2017).

The European defense industry, for its part, achieved a turnover of €108 billion in 2018. Exports represented €35 billion (€97 billion for the civil sector). In the air defense segment, exports reached €22 billion, the remaining 13 billion coming from land and maritime solutions. In terms of HR, the aeronautical defense industry represented 438,000 jobs.


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