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Aeroflot cancels 22 Boeing 787 aircraft
Aeroflot cancels 22 Boeing 787 aircraft
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Aeroflot cancels 22 Boeing 787 aircraft

The Russian airline Aeroflot cancels its order of 22 Boeing 787 aircraft. With 556 copies in its order backlog, Boeing still has a little more than three years of activity for its long-haul.

The 22 Boeing 787 aircraft ordered by Aeroflot and Avia Capital Services disappeared from the U.S. manufacturer’s order backlog. Indeed, the Russian airline has canceled this contract, made in 2007, only regarding Boeing 787-8s before Aeroflot turned four of them into 787-9. In 2015, Aeroflot unsuccessfully tried to cancel this order. Hence the decision to transfer “all rights and obligations” from the contract to Avia Capital Services, a subsidiary of the Russian state consortium Rostec. Last August, Avia Capital Services, which had ordered 35 Boeing 737 MAXs, filed a lawsuit against the U.S. manufacturer for “hiding critical information about the safety of these aircraft”. Avia Capital Services claimed $115 million damages and several times the same amount as “punitive damages”.

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