A second wing drone for the Su-57?
A second wing drone for the Su-57?

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A second wing drone for the Su-57?

Kronstadt presents the Russian Defense Minister with the Molnyia stealth and multi-mission mini-drone

Second wing drone

While the Russian Ministry of Defense has just ordered several prototypes of the S-70, the dronist Kronstadt, which has just sold its armed drones Orion and Sirius to the air force, presented on February 26, during the official visit to its factory of the Russian Minister of Defense Sergei Shoygu, a totally new mini air UAV, the Molniya (lightning). Weighing 60 kg, it is capable of carrying 5 kg of payload (explosive, sensor, or effector) over a distance of 200 km at a speed of 650km/h. According to the industrialist, its length would be 1.5 m, and its wingspan 1.2 m. It can be guided by laser, optronics, Glonass, or radar.


A multi-mission vector, the Molniya can be used in swarms as a direct hit weapon, but also as a reconnaissance, target designation, and even jamming device. Its stealth would be ensured by its particular shape, its absorbent coating, and the flat nozzle air inlet of its reactor. Kronstadt would propose the Molniya for certain combat missions, either tactical or intended to penetrate interdiction bubbles. But judging by its dimensions, the internal bays of the Su-57 or S-70 fighter could accommodate up to 8 units. Large-scale development could begin soon, according to the company.



On a giant poster, unfortunately almost unreadable on the pictures distributed by the Ministry, Kronstadt presented its entire product policy in terms of drones. Alongside the well-known equipment such as the armed drones Orion (tactical), Sirius (Male), Grom (Ucav), and the Hale AEW Helios, a novelty seems to have intrigued the visitors. It is a supersonic drone with a take-off weight of 7 to 8 T....

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