A first NH90 for the Ejercito del Aire
A first NH90 for the Ejercito del Aire

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A first NH90 for the Ejercito del Aire

The first of twelve NH90 had been ended over to Spanish air forces for search and rescue missions.


Airbus announced on 14 October that NHIndustries had been handed over its first NH90 to the Spanish Air Force. The Ejercito del Aire will be equipped with a total of 12 helicopters, which will be used for search and rescue and combat search and rescue missions. The NH90s will replace the AS332 Super Puma and will be based in Cuatro Vientos. In addition to the Air Force, the Army and Navy will also be equipped with NH90s, as the country has ordered 45 NH90s. The 13 in tactical version have already been handed over to the land forces.

Special Forces

A few days earlier, on 12 October, Airbus announced that it had received an order from the French Ministry of Defence for the development of a new version of the NH90 TTH (tactical troop helicopter) dedicated to special Forces. Ten aircraft have been ordered, through the DGA, with a delivery target for early 2025.


With this new version, the aim is to boost the NH90's performance. It will carry Safran's EO/ IR EuroFLIR. The avionics suite and cockpit will be enhanced to make better use of the information gathered in flight and to assist in decision-making. The cabin will also be modernized, notably with the addition of removable doors. Similarly "additional ceiling-mounted rope anchorage points" will be integrated, Airbus details.

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