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726 million euro order for Saab
726 million euro order for Saab
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726 million euro order for Saab

Saab has just announced the purchase of MANPADS, short-range radars, recoilless rifles and other equipment from an undisclosed country. The 8 billion Swedish krona order represents one of the largest military contracts for Saab since the end of 2022.

A rather brief order

On February 24, Saab announced that it has received an order for 8 billion Swedish kronor (or 725.9 million euro). The order includes;

  • Carl-Gustaf recoilless guns: multi-role (anti-tank, anti-building, anti-personnel,...), range 700 meters (400 against a tank).
  • RBS 70 NG MANPADS: 9 kilometers range, 5 kilometers altitude, mach 2, laser guidance, mounted on tripod.
  • Giraffe 1X radars: possible integration on a very wide variety of vehicles, range of 75 kilometers, 3D, active antenna, thought to complement the RBS 70 NG.

However, the rest of the order is not disclosed: "Due to the nature of the industry, circumstances concerning the customer and national security interests, no further information regarding these orders or the customer will be provided." as specified by Saab. 

In any case, this order represents one of Saab's largest contracts over the past two months: between December 15 and February 1, Saab accumulated more than €841 million in military orders (related article). However, the contract announced on February 24 alone represents almost all of the previous contracts, with a sum of 725.9 million euro!

Some believe that Ukraine would be the potential customer of this huge order. However, it is impossible to deny or confirm this hypothesis.

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