18 more M142 HIMARS for Ukraine
18 more M142 HIMARS for Ukraine
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18 more M142 HIMARS for Ukraine

These multiple rocket launchers will soon be delivered as part of a new American aid package. This assistance is focused primarily on two areas: deep strike with the additional HIMARS and various transport vehicles. With the resumption of the war of movement, these assets will increase the mobility and firepower of the Ukrainian Army.

On September 28, the Pentagon announced a new arms delivery for Ukraine. Worth $1.1 billion, it focuses primarily on the delivery of 18 M142 HIMARS multiple rocket launchers. This is a real leap in capability for the Ukrainian Armed Forces, as they currently only have 16 HIMARS. In fact, their strike capability will more than double, from 16 to 34 HIMARS. As a reminder, the M142s are equipped with guided rockets with a range of 80 kilometers and an accuracy of 1 to 3 meters (varies depending on the source).

It also includes 150 High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicles (HMMWVs), 150 Tactical Vehicles to fire weapons (towed radar, howitzer or towed mortar,...) as well as 40 trucks and 80 trailers that can accommodate heavy equipment. These vehicle deliveries are important for the Ukrainian Army: as the war of movement resumed a month ago, the Ukrainian logistic lines are expanding a little more. The arrival of these vehicles will increase the mobility of troops, their support means (towed artillery) but also their heavy vehicles (tanks, self-propelled howitzers,...).

The delivery also includes:

  • Two radars to locate drones
  • 20 multi-mission radars
  • Anti-drone systems
  • Secure communication systems
  • Surveillance systems
  • Optical means
  • Demining equipment
  • Field equipment (bullet-proof vests,...)

Some of the funds are also directed toward troop training, maintenance and technical support.

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