12 to 20 Airbus H225M helicopters more for the French Air Force? © Armée de l'Air

| Alexandre Rocchi

12 to 20 Airbus H225M helicopters more for the French Air Force?

Airbus Helicopters, which has succeeded in relocating 50 H225 helicopters, could add 12 to 20 more to the French Air Force after conversion under a leasing contract.

Airbus Helicopters continues to find buyers for its H225 originally intended for the off-shore market. This time, it is the French Air Force since a notice of pre-information having for object the “lease-sale and the support of 12 to 20 used helicopters EC-225 (ed. note: H225) to modify under approval for the benefit of the French Air Force and associated services” has just been broadcast. These Airbus Helicopters H225s will be reconverted to carry out specific SAR (Search and Rescue) and SIF (Security and Intervention Forces) missions. The future H225M will be located in “air bases in mainland and overseas France and abroad (Djibouti)”. The procedure will be launched in 2020. Airbus Helicopters has already succeeded in relocating more than half of the hundred H225 helicopters initially intended for the off-shore market, notably with two major contracts: the one made by Ukraine in July 2018 for a total of 21 copies, the other by the U.S. operator Air Center Helicopters, which signed for 17 H225 for the refueling of the U.S. Navy ships off the coast.

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