Falcon 6X made its exit from the factory
Falcon 6X made its exit from the factory

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Falcon 6X made its exit from the factory

Because of Covid-19 pandemic Falcon 6X has made a special roll-out this december 8, 2020 from Dassault Aviation workshops in Bordeaux Mérignac so as to be introduced in Lindbergh hangar. Next step will be its first flight.

F-WAVRE, a new and beautiful plane

It is from Bordeaux Merignac factory that Falcon 6X Dassault has made its exist from the workshop this december 8, 2020, the beautiful white plane received F-WAVRE registration.

Introduced by Eric Trappier, president of Dassault, assisted by General Manager of Civil Aircraft Carlos Brana, Falcon 6X was put in Lindbergh hangar.


Comfort, autonomy and French luxury

«This roll-out has something particular. I am very pleased to introduce you the new born of Falcon family, with an entirely new design : Falcon 6X with a very large fuselage », has declared Eric Trappier, General Manager of Aircraft Dassault, who reminded the main qualities of the plane in destination to the future customer.

A very comfortable twin-jet, with a contemporary stylish cabin with French elegance, with generous dimensions in  terms of width as well as height. « The flight will be as if you had silk sensation » has commented Carlos Brana, after having visited Falcon 6X cabin exhibited in Bourget Dassault Falcon Service.

This comfort will be mainly due to the new generation of flight controls, but also to cabin altitude and to silence.


40 hours of simulator and to the first flight

Until, forty hours of flight in simulator has been accumulated. « Next step will deal with the first flight », has commented Eric Trappier, with a smile on his face.



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